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Earn money with the #1 Online Thai Course

Recommend the leading Thai language course to your friends, acquaintances or visitors of your website(s) and receive a commission for every new customer and build up a passive income with our affiliate program!

The affiliate program” is directed to:

Anyone who would like to recommend the language course to their friends or acquaintances and earn money at the same time.

Administrators of relevant Facebook groups.

Webmasters with websites about Thailand, distance learning, language learning or education in general.

Webmasters with websites about Thailand, distance learning, language learning or education in general.

Regional language schools that also want to earn money with supra-regional enquiries.

Professional affiliates who benefit from above-average compensation and lifetime commissions.

What we offer:

25% lifetime commission on all leads. That means, as long as the referred customer does not cancel, the payment of 25% of the purchase price for the selected period is made each time anew.

Cookie lifetime of 365 days! This means that even if a referred customer decides to buy after 365 days, you are still entitled to commission!

Diverse advertising material and, if you wish, your own (individual) landing pages.

Individual and direct support. This also includes the joint development of an advertising concept, the production of advertising materials, regular contact and close cooperation in all relevant cases.

Cancellation rate of 0%, because nobody used our 30 day money-back guarantee before!

Low payout minimum of only $25.

25% lifetime commission

  • Commission “monthly”: $11,50 (per customer / per month)
  • Commission “quarterly”: $27,60 (per customer / per quarter)
  • Commission “semi-annualy”: 441,40 (per customer / per half-year)
  • Commission “annualy”: $55,20 (per customer / per year)

Realistic calculation example for 10 new customers:

  • 5 x annual package = 276,00 / year
  • 1 x half-yearly = 41.40 / half year
  • 2 x quarterly = 55.20 / 3 months
  • 3 x normal price = 34,50 / month

Makes recurring annual income of $993.60 alone through only 10 referred customers!

$414.00 (34.50 x 12) + $220.80 (55.20 x 4) + $82.80 (41.40 x 2) + $276.00 (34.50 x 12)

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